Accommodation in Split

Participants are invited to book their own accommodation.

Split  is a popular place to visit, which means that it has a great variety of accommodation possibilities – from expensive and luxurious, to inexpensive and modest.

Book a hotel room with Split university special rates. This solution is most likely cheaper than the previous alternatives – you call up or email a hotel and say that you are a participant of the SLE conference at Split university, and refer to the Split University rate mentioned on our website.

Book a hostel room. Hostels are cheap, clean with good locations, and a variety of choices.

Book your own hotel room. If you have special requirements (a special location, bringing family keeping a pet) you can book your own hotel. You can search the Web for other hotels in Split. Here are two helpful sites:,

Book your own hostel room. See the folowing website:

Please book the hotel as soon as possible since there are many other events taking place in Split in September!!